Crowdfunding Launch!

The prototype unit for Kranôg Ltd is going to Comrie Croft Ltd, an award winning eco- tourism business in Perthshire, Scotland.

It is an exciting collaboration which benefits both companies. Kranôg Ltd gets a market leading venue and beautiful location for its first structure and Comrie Croft gains a luxury accommodation unit which perfectly matches its sustainable values.

Nothing else like this currently operates commercially in Scotland so both businesses will benefit from the publicity and media attention the prototype will bring.

To make the prototype a reality on their land Comrie Croft are launching a crowd funding campaign. They hope to raise £70,000 to make the dream a reality – to own and operate the very first Kranôg unit in the UK.

There is nothing else available – anywhere – that offers luxurious, design led accommodation that is entirely off grid, sustainably sourced and made of local materials and suppliers.

Offering incentives such as free nights in the Kranôg, VIP passes to the launch party, weddings packages and photography packages, the Croft invites faithful followers, fellow eco enthusiasts, mountain bikers and enthusiastic supporters to follow their campaign and donate to see the Kranôg on site for the start of the 2018 season.

Such innovation will put Scotland on the map, leading the way in new environmental holiday accommodation, Kranôg on the map as a new business and reaffirm Comrie Croft as a leading player in green tourism.

The countdown to the Crowdfunding Launch is on …….6 days to go, watch this space!