Things you need to know about a Kranôg:

It is genuinely 100% off grid. This is wonderful in so many ways – from zero impact to the environment, to the fact there will be NO utility bills (ever!) and the simple feeling that you are “doing your bit”. Living off grid is fun, it’s romantic and it’s great for learning a real sense of consumption, usage and the things we take for granted. You do need to know what to expect however so you can decide whether it is or is not for you or your business.

Tall tree in forest showing trunk, branches and leaves

The basics of the off grid technology:

  • Electricity is supplied via solar (PV) panels
  • Heat, hot water and cooking is provided by a specialist wood burning stove
  • Water is harvested and treated from rain water
  • The grey water and black water from the unit go through an innovative Scottish product which is entirely off grid and power free and requires minimal maintenance.

In every Kranôg you will find:

  • An open plan kitchen/lounge/dining room
  • A bathroom (sink, toilet, shower)
  • The option of 1- 3 bedrooms
  • An entrance area/boot room for shoes, coats, hats, gloves, wellies, waterproofs, sandals, sun hats – everything an outdoors holiday might require that needs stored out of the way and to be dry by morning.
  • Masses of decking – with areas which are partially covered and protected to make it as usable as possible whatever the weather, wind direction or season
  • A beautifully crafted wood burning stove with a flat top for cooking or boiling water, an oven drawer, and a back boiler warming the water
  • LED lighting that uses minimal electricity
  • A collection of Patent pending technologies that have been brought together to create a luxurious home environment completely off grid
Wooden pathway in forest leading to tents in a forest

Items that can be used in a Kranôg:

Gas Rings

Gas rings connected to a gas bottle can be incorporate into the kitchen to increase stove cooking capacity

Power Sockets

Normal power sockets are in each room *


Hairdryers and related – but eco only ones of 1000W or less (again – check for a green light in the plant room)


The wood burning stove has a small oven drawer, but don’t expect to roast a turkey in it!

Items that can’t be used in a Kranôg:


Dishwasher (time to draw straws or create a rota)

Washing Machine

We can recommend a very funky counter top man powered alternative – fun for kids and really not that much work


Microwaves cannot be used in our Kranôg’s


We assume most people are travelling with a tablet / laptop


We might moan that it rains a lot, but it doesn’t rain enough to fill a bath for every guest!

Kranog - Fire pit at night on the banks of a river

Options to add to your Kranôg:

  • An outdoor firepit. We can provide it or do it yourself….we love them because they encourage you to get outdoors, to come together, to sit outside, to toast marshmallows or simply watch the flames
  • A wood-fired hot tub. We can supply a beautiful wood fired hot tub which is safe and easy to use and looks as good as its off grid credentials
  • A design service for the interior. You are welcome to furnish your Kranôg in any way and if you need assistance or ideas we can put you in touch with Louise Forbes Design. She will create an inspiring look which will incorporate off cuts from your build and aspects of your site all combined and transformed into one-off design-led pieces

If you have a question or would like further information on any aspect of a Kranôg building please get in touch.

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